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Looking for ideas for your tattoo ?

Girls Tattoos is a good place to find inspiration for body art and feminine tattoo designs.

While tattoos used to be the prerogative of bikers and was mainly perceived as a masculine pursuit, in the past decade women have been getting tattooed in great numbers than ever.

Check out what's best tattoo design for you, before you go to see a tattoo artist.

Cute Designs

Some of the best girl designs are just simply cute and small.

Some of the cutest design ideas for women include  . . . the pretty butterfly in full color, a sweet cherub or heart, a small frog or star carefully placed on the wrist, ankle, feet or shoulder.

Even the humble turtle or cat can look pretty cool, with a monstrously awesome design on the right part of your body.

Small Tattoos

A lot of girls like to keep their design small, dainty and feminine. 

They may also tend to get tattooed somewhere less noticeable, such as the lower back, ankle or hands, rather than the sizeable tribal designs you see on men.

The reality is that it's not the size of the tattoo, but the design that makes it feminine or girly.

Of course, that's all down to personal preference, and women can look just as good with large tribal styles.

Popular Tattoo Designs

There are some designs which have really stood the test of time. Some of the most popular tattoos for women are:- 

  • star tattoos - designed to be as small or large as you want, you can sport a star of David, or nautical star image.  Lindsay Lohan, who sports a range of body art, has a small star on her forearm.  This is a perfect first tattoo design for an ankle or shoulder as it's so simple and small.
  • fairy tattoos - became popular after Britney Spears revealed her cute lower back fairy tattoo.  With Christina Ricci also sporting this design on her wrist, it's clearly a very popular girly image.  The "flower fairies" have also inspired a range of girly designs.
  • angel tattoos - symbolic of protection, and overtly religious symbol, angels can be pictured as men, or with wings and as fantasy or natural designs
  • love tattoos - whether it's a heart image with his name emblazoned across it for all to see, or a few discrete words in cool lettering, telling the world you're in love is a great reason for a tattoo
  • cross tattoos - this Christian design has deep religious symbolism and meaning.  Tattoos of crosses are increasingly popular, with some cool celtic designs, or, for the more traditional, a simple crucifix image
  • floral tattoos - this is a very feminine design.  Floral tattoo ideas include images of cherry tree blossom, orchids, hibiscus and roses.  Each flower has it's own meaning, from the fragility of the cherry blossom, to the delicate beauty of the hibiscus.  Of course, you can also create your own unique design of your favorite flower.
  • butterfly tattoos - with celebrity Britney Speirs sporting a butterfly design on her foot, this design.

Designs often increase in popularity when seen on a celebrity or famous person.  For example, when Lindsay Lohan sports a star wrist tattoo, suddenly they're in demand.   

Victoria Beckham appears with a backless dress with a hebrew tattoo, with a quote from the Bible, and women across the world are asking tattoo artists to create similar imaginative designs.

Old School Tattoos

Some of the classic and traditional designs are more popular than ever.

These vintage designs include:-

  • Anchor Tattoos - the classic "Popeye" old school tattoo design from comic books 
  • Cherry Tattoos - a cute design that you can mix with other images to create your own unique and feminine image
  • Dagger Tattoos - often mixed with other classic designs, including love & hearts.
  • Heart Tattoos - what's more romantic than having a heart with his or her name tattooed forever on your body?
  • Pin Up Tattoos - Amy Winehouse has some old school designs, including a pin up girl on her arm and a nautical anchor on her stomach.
  • Rose Tattoos - a timeless symbol of love and beauty, this is one of the most popular floral symbols.
  • Swallow Tattoos - symbolic of love, loyalty, as well as meaning health and wealth, this is the reason they were popular with sailors so long ago, yet this is a design that has stood the test of time and looks great as a shoulder or lower back design.

Whilst men of these were designed for and sported by men, these designs now have their modern day equivalent, with flash images of Japanese designs, fantasy dragons and butterflies, inspired by these vintage images.

Even the celebrities are going for these classic designs.  Christina Ricci allegedly had an old school sparrow design tattooed on her breast recently.

Whatever design you fancy, you can find pictures of tattoo designs for girls & plenty inspiration by browsing our picture gallery.