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Small 'n' Sexy Tattoos

Small is beautiful, it can also be pretty sexy, especially when it comes to choosing cool tattoos. This old school style small rose tattoo design looks cute placed just below the shoulder


There's something very feminine about having a small tattoo design.

There's also an element of intrigue and surprise, especially if it's somewhere that's not immediately obvious, but reveals itself - such as the ankle, hand, wrist, lower back, shoulder, feet or toes.

Some classic small 'n' feminine girls tattoos include:-

Angel - choose from a cute cherub to a protective angelic being

Butterfly - choose from a simple line drawing to a full color creation

Cat - perfect for the cat lover or to remember a much loved pet

Cherry - cute and the perfect art for any small area of your body

Celtic Cross - this is a classic, elegant design that looks great and is timeless

Dolphin - love the sea or surfing?  This is a cool design for any animal lover.

Dragonfly - great if you love nature and

Dove - often symbolising peace, this is a very simple design for the calm spirited woman

Heart - whether it's an old school design entwined with your name and his, or just a simple heart to represent the love you have or hope for, this is a classic design

Seahorse - an unusual, but lovely image from the natural world

Star - combine with image of the moon, for a truly celestial picture

Symbol - use chinese lettering where one symbol can be full of meaning.  Capture your emotions, thoughts and feeling perfectly in one symbol .

These are just a few of the popular designs available with a feminine twist, the reality is that the only limit to your choice of design is your own imagination!